This is the internet facing web site of for Practice Based Commissioning work within the NHS.

It is out of date, last used un 2007.   The domain will cease in April 2015.  Moving files over as an archive

This site holds DACCOM PBC documents (name name and password required) on

This site is also know as medibank, link to details on the left.
  The details of this service are given on the links: 
  1. Why the service
  2. The Reports that PARS provides for PBC Groups

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West Herts Primary Care Trust  PBC Governance Committee gave approval for this pilot in 2007, but other NHS obstacles prevented us from starting. Server in place, software and systems ready, office has been bought, and being fitted. We are ready to go to start.  PARS is housed within the NHSnet (intranet) on a secured server, so internet connection to it is not possble.  NHS organisations  with NHS connections can see the testing site and server on  The n is real.  That nww link will only work within the NHS intranet. 


The Careprovider web site that has blogs on NHS organisations, CfH, PBC, and more

  The local GPs NHS practice based commissioning Group

  The local NHS admistration. Since 1996 we have gone from two to one health Authorities, then eight PCTs, then four PCTs. Now we have two, or more correctly 1.5 PCTs:  East and West Herts PCTs share a single administration team.

Archway Surgery: new web site


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